What’s Going On

Today I sewed the first copy of Sunnylyn Thibodeaux’s What’s Going On, the latest chapbook from Bird & Beckett. The remainder of the edition remains to be sewn and the volumes trimmed, but I’m so happy to be putting this one out that I thought I’d go ahead and post a few images and make it available to purchase now (available January 1st). Stay tuned for a release reading early in the new year.

The cover design is hand-set from 252 pieces of various sets of Bradley ornaments — though it seems one of these sets may not be from “Bradley”, but some other design(er) — printed on the front in blue and on the back in black. The typeface on the cover is Weiss, and on the title page Weiss and Palantino, in which the rest of the text is set as well.







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