Daily Vigs

Daily Vigs, by Micah Ballard - 36 pages, 8"x5.375" in letterpress wrappers - published in a limited edition of two-hundred copies, designed and printed at Impart Ink, an errant studio in Oakland and Santa Cruz, for Bird & Beckett Books (San Francisco) - available January 2019 - pre-order now  

No Right Words

No Right Words, poems by Rod Roland - An Ensemble Edition, co-published by Bird & Beckett Books (San Francisco) and Ugly Duckling Presse (New York) - 32 pages, 7"x9.5" in letterpress wrappers courtesy of Impart Ink, an errant studio in Oakland and Santa Cruz - available now.     

Three +3

In the past couple of months I've been busy in the press. The second series of SLUG.DOCS has hit the streets: a trio of chapbooks by fellow candidates in the Creative/Critical concentration of the Literature doctoral program at UCSC. The first set in 2016 was the pair of Clean and Shiny, by Eric Sneathen and… Continue reading Three +3