At the tail end of summer I printed the covers for the sixth issue of my roughly annual literary magazine, AMERARCANA: A Bird & Beckett Review. I set the titles in Bulmer and used the back of wood type to form the grained block pattern. After a few delays getting the final interior text file to the printer, it has at last been bound, and is now available. The official release reading and celebration will take place at Bird & Beckett Books, in San Francisco, on Wednesday, December 9th at 7 pm. This issue features art by Will Yackulicand writing by Garrett Caples, Tongo Eisen-Martin, Derek Fenner, Jackqueline Frost, Evan Kennedy, Frank Lima, Jason Morris, Rod Roland, Aaron Shurin, Cedar Sigo, Syd Staiti, Richard Tagett, Tara Thomas, and the editor, along with translations of Hafez by Patrick James Dunagan and Ava Koohbor.

issue 6 cover 1 issue 6 cover 2 issue 6 spread 1 issue 6 spread 2

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