A and I

I produced two more prints recently (“A : a” and “i : i : i”) as I continue my experiments with wood type at the Cowell Press on the UCSC campus.

“A : a” was made from a single type arrangement, printed once, then turned 45 degrees and printed again, giving it the cascade effect. The coloring was done by putting one color on one half of the rollers and another on the other and allowing them to mix as I printed. (10″x12-1/2″ – edition of 12 on Domestic Etching)


“i : i : i” was made from a large wood type arrangement printed once, rotated 90 degrees and printed again in the same sepia tone. A lead type arrangement was then printed in red, rotated and printed again, then again, and again. (12″x12″ – edition of 10 on Domestic Etching)


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