Recent Projects

I’ve been (un)reasonably busy of late, but/and have done a few things in the press. As a parting gift for Jackson Meazle, who has left our fair cities for some other, Southern clime, I printed this broadside of a poem for his grandmother.


I also printed a pair of broadsides, commissioned by Matt Gonzalez, to celebrate the birthday of Tamsin Smith, the first in two color schemes, the second in one.

IMG_0238 IMG_0244

Also, recently completed, are a couple/few small books. The layered sepia design here serves as the back cover for a little book of poems Jason Morris and I wrote on a recent camping trip to Death Valley. He’s done a water color for the front, a nicely gnarled Joshua tree.

IMG_0413 IMG_0918

These are the first two in a new series of pamphlets called Slug.Docs, featuring work by candidates in the Creative/Critical concentration of the doctoral program in Literature at UC Santa Cruz. The titles are entirely coincidental. Clean by Eric Sneathen; and Shiny by Cathy Thomas.

IMG_0915 IMG_0916

I also printed covers for another small chapbook of poems by Eric Sneathen, I feel like an allien (sic), which he is putting out in a small edition himself, and covers for a larger chapbook by Derek Fenner, Hermeticities & Others, which he is putting out in a larger edition under his Bootstrap imprint.


Oh, and lastly, this sort of sigilated number print, “o-n-e” through “n-i-n-e” arranged and printed, rotated and printed again, rotated and printed again, rotated and printed a fourth time, all in black, then “z-e-r-o” done similarly in red:


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